Essential Motorhome Accessories for Every Trip

Congratulations, you’ve purchased a motorhome for the first time and you’re preparing to venture out and explore the marvellous Great British countryside. You’ve planned your route, researched campsites, and decided which landmarks you’re going to see. All you need to do now is pack up your motorhome and hit the road.

However, for some people - particularly first-time motorhomers - deciding what to pack, can be tricky. So, in order to help, we’ve put together a list of 10 essential motorhome accessories, which you can take a look at below…

1. Hose pipe

When it comes to motorhome essentials, few things are as important as a hose pipe. You’ll need one of these in order to fill up your water tanks. You should invest in a hose pipe that’s at least 10-15 metres long and, if possible, you want to purchase a food grade pipe.

When purchasing your hose pipe you’ll also want to get your hands on some connectors, allowing you to hook your hose up to a number of different taps. Hoselock really are the kings when it comes to connectors and offer a wide variety for you to choose from. You can even purchase a motorhome water tank cap that comes with a Hoselock adapter, meaning you can attach your hose, switch it on, and relax with a drink whilst your tank fills up.

Top tip: Flat hoses are more kink-resistant, puncture-proof, and easier to store than round hoses.

2. Electric cable

Most UK campsites provide both powered and unpowered pitches. For some of you, unpowered pitches are ideal, offering you the chance to be self-sufficient and closer to nature using your caravan’s 12v leisure battery for the duration of your stay. However, if you want access to more electricity, spread over a longer period of time, you’ll want to hook yourself up to the site’s main electricity supply.

In order to do this, you’ll need to purchase a 240v electric cable. We recommend getting one that is at least 25 metres long. You’ll also want to purchase a splitter as many campsites simply won’t have enough sockets. Some campers will also purchase a second leisure battery, as a backup, just in case their campsite doesn’t offer electric points.

Top tip: It is very important that you avoid tightly coiling your electrical cables whilst they are in use, as this can start a fire.

3. Gas bottle

Before you set off you’ll want to purchase a gas cylinder or two. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) offers you a flexible and convenient means of providing heating, cooking, and refrigeration facilities in your motorhome so you can remain independent of site supplies.

Once you’ve got yourself a cylinder you’ll be able to exchange it once it’s empty as part of a cylinder exchange programme that all the major suppliers offer. Or, if you opt for a refillable cylinder, you’ll be able to fill it up at an LPG or Autogas location, which you can find up and down the UK. Find a Calor gas cylinder supplier near you.

Top tip: It’s always a good idea to purchase a spanner (30mm) for tightening and loosening the bottles.

4. Levelling ramps

Thankfully these days most campsites have fairly level ground for you to camp on. However, you’ll only need to spend one night at a location that isn’t quite level to decide that levelling ramps are absolutely essential.

These ramps very much do as their name suggests and ensure that you are perfectly level during your stay. You need to be sure to purchase ramps that are a suitable weight and size for your motorhome.

Top tip: Just like when parking on an incline, be sure to leave your motorhome in gear and engage the handbrake for true peace of mind. You may also want to purchase levelling chocks that sit behind your wheel and lock into the ramps in order to stop your motorhome from rolling backwards.

5. Mud mats

If you’re planning on exploring the UK in all its rugged, rural beauty, then get ready to tackle the mud at some point during your travels. It’s a rainy little isle, so you best come prepared. And there’s no better way to sleep safe and sound through a storm, than knowing that you’re not going to be stuck in the mud when you wake up in the morning.

You’ll want to purchase a set of mud mats (sometimes called traction mats) to help you get out of any sticky situation. These mats slide under your wheels and offer extra traction to help you pull away when the surface is slick with mud.

Top tip: You can place your mud mats beneath levelling ramps, which can stop your levelling ramps from sinking into the mud on wet days.

6. Awnings and canopies

motorhome awningOnce you’ve pitched up, you’ll want to spend some time relaxing in the peace and tranquillity of your surroundings. There are few things better than sitting out in the fresh country air with a nice cuppa watching the world go by. A good quality awning or canopy can not only protect you from the sun as you relax, but it can also increase your living space, bringing the outside in. When choosing your shade, you can opt for a drive-away awning or a canopy, which both offer different advantages.

A drive-away awning is free-standing. You can attach it to the front of your motorhome, however, if you wish to pop out in the vehicle, you can detach it and leave it where it stands. A canopy is affixed to the side of your motorhome and rolls out on a rail, using poles for stability. A canopy awning is generally the cheaper of the two options.

Top tip: Purchase some additional awning straps to help keep your awning sturdy and in-place should the wind pick up. Straps can hold your awning down during a storm, saving it from damage.

7. Thermal screens

Thermal screens are excellent for keeping the warmth in during colder months and for keeping the heat of the sun out in summer. You can purchase external screens that fit to the outside of your windscreen or internal ones that rest up against the inside of the window, both of which are extremely effective.

Thermal screens can also help reduce condensation build-up throughout the night, which can be an issue for many campers, and they can even prevent the sun from bleaching the colour of the upholstery inside your motorhome’s cab.

Top tip: These screens also double up as added privacy on-site should you end up pitched facing another group of campers.

8. Portable lighting

If you’re making late night dashes across the site in the pitch black of night, you’ll be kicking yourself for not purchasing some portable lighting.

LED lanterns are excellent as you don’t need to worry about the batteries going flat. However, the real winner when it comes to camping trips is the humble head torch. Simply strap it to your forehead and you can move around in the dark with the use of both of your hands!

Top tip: You can even install LED lighting in your motorhome to help save energy. LED lights are extremely efficient and can be operated without much electricity.

9. Comfy bedding

Whether you prefer a duvet or a sleeping bag, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve packed the right bedding for your personal needs. Think about the weather where you’re going and bring something that’s appropriate. If you're heading out in winter, you’ll want something that’s going to keep you toasty and warm. Holidaying in summer, you’ll want something thin so you don’t overheat.

Some people like to invest in mattress toppers too. These can keep you cool when the weather’s warm, whilst also offering an extra level of support and comfort.

Top tip: You can even bring more colourful and stylish covers for your pillows, to transform them into decorative throw cushions for use during the day.

10. A portable vacuum cleaner

Whilst it may not be the most glamorous addition, no motorhome essentials list would be complete without a portable vacuum cleaner. If your motorhome gets muddy or dirty during your trip a dustpan and brush may not be enough. These days, you can get your hands on a compact, 12v vacuum cleaner that will do the trick!

These can be really handy for getting into the tight spaces that you’ll often find in your motorhome. A lot of the top manufacturers, including Dyson, now make handheld models that are cordless and come with a whole host of attachments to make cleaning your motorhome a breeze.

Top tip: Even if you do get your hands on a vacuum cleaner, a sturdy dustpan and brush is still worth bringing with you. You never know when it might come in handy!

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