Tyres on a Motorhome

Tyres on a Motorhome – Advice & Info

Many motorhomers ask about the best advice for keeping motorhome tyres in good condition; well below is some information and advice that will help you: 

The first piece of advice that we would give is to make sure tyres are replaced between 5 and 7 years old. If a tyre is left longer than 7 years, then this means that it will be extremely deteriorated no matter the amount of use or tread depth.

Also, if your motorhome is not being used for a period, then we recommend that the wheels and tyres are covered with a natural material such as hessian and stored separately in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or any heat source and any oil/fuel spillages. OR make sure that the vehicle is moved every so often to avoid one part of the tyre being loaded all the time.


What should my motorhome tyre pressures be?

Firstly, you will need to go to a weighbridge (a machine used for weighing vehicles, that is set into the ground to be driven on to) and find out the weight on each axle when the vehicle is loaded as it would be typically for travelling.  This shouldn’t cost as most operators do not charge if a weight ticket isn’t needed. After you have the axle weight you can look on the tyre manufacturers website or contact them to find out the correct tyre pressure.

The best way to be sure what the correct tyre pressure should be is to firstly check with the manufacturer of the tyres themselves as these will be able to give the correct and relevant information for your specific tyres. General information can be found from many sources however the information provided by the manufacturer will give you details and include many other factors such as the type of tyre and the load.


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