Toilets in Motorhomes

One thing which often confuses a new motorhome owner is the different types of toilets that can be found in motorhomes and how to take care of them. Below is a simple guide to cover the basics and tell you what you need to know.


Types of Toilets

Cassette toilet: Usually the most common type of toilet found in motorhomes, this is a fixed toilet inside the motorhome which has a removable box; the cassette, where all the waste is stored. The cassette is accessed from the outside of the vehicle and should be carried to a disposal point to empty.

Some cassette toilets have a built-in water tank to use for the flushing function, or if not then the flushing water comes from the onboard water tank in your motorhome.


Portapotti: This type of toilet comprises of two parts; the bowl along with a tank for the flushing water and the bottom part that carries the waste and can be removed to empty at a disposal point. This type of toilet is portable.


Marine toilet: A fixed toilet connected to a waste tank in the motorhome where the flushing water typically comes from the onboard water tank. Due to the waste tank being fixed, only ground level disposal points can be used where a valve should be opened to allow the contents to drain out. Usually these toilets have the largest capacity and are found more often in Larger scale European motorhomes and American motorhomes.

How can I keep my Marine toilet holding tank clean?

Once the tank has been emptied add roughly 10 litres of water into the tank, this should be done every so often in order to keep the tank reasonably clean.



Chemicals or SOG

Chemicals are usually used in all systems, mainly to mask the smell. Formaldehyde based chemicals are very frowned upon due to the large-scale damage made on the environment. In some places such as Germany, these based chemicals are banned. However, ‘green’ alternatives can be found.

SOG is system that can be used without any chemicals as this is a ventilation based system available for cassette toilets which allows a small fan to pull the air through the toilet as the flap is opened, the air is then carried outside by a flexible tube, usually found on the cassette door.

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