Christmas Gift Guide for Motorhome Lovers

Christmas is around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning what you’re going to buy your loved ones this year. And if you know any motorhome lovers, then you might just want to take a look at this list. We’ve put together a great guide full of Christmas gift ideas for motorhome and campervan owners to suit every type of budget.

By the end of this gift guide you will have a list of everything you could buy a motorhome lover, from thoughtful and practical presents that will make their life easier when out and about in their motorhome, to personalised gifts designed to raise a smile. So take a look below and see if our gift guide inspires you this Christmas.

Gift ideas for motorhome owners

Anti-theft tracker

OK, so this might not be the most glamorous or fun gift idea, but there are few items more practical and more useful than an anti-theft tracker for a motorhome. Sadly, motorhome theft is an issue, so you can buy your loved one some added peace of mind by investing in one of these devices.

Anti-theft trackers will usually attach to the motorhome and can help you locate it in the unfortunate event that it is stolen. These devices make use of GPS technology to provide the real-time location of a caravan or motorhome, which the owner can monitor remotely via a smartphone app or website.

There are a number of anti-theft trackers out there for you to choose from. We like the PAJ GPS POWER Finder, which has a magnet mount, meaning you can attach the tracking device wherever you want. This model is easy to use, has a fantastic battery life, and is nice and affordable, making it a great gift idea this Christmas!

Reversing camera

This is another more practical idea, but yet again, it’s one we feel is a great gift for any caravan or motorhome owner. Reversing cameras are fast becoming a staple in new cars, but we rarely see them as standard on motorhomes. So, if you’re looking to buy a handy gift for a motorhome-owning loved one this Christmas, then why not consider buying them a reversing camera that they can attach themselves?

As with the anti-theft trackers, there are numerous reversing cameras available on the market to choose from. Most models fit nicely to the back of your motorhome, commonly above the number plate. They then come with a display that you place up in the cab that you can look at whilst reversing.

The AUTO-VOX W7PRO Digital Wireless Reversing Camera is a great option and is relatively affordable. It also comes with the ability to connect two cameras to your display. This ensures you can have even more visibility when driving or reversing.

Travel hammock

Right, now we’re away from the practical tech and onto something a bit more leisurely. If you know a motorhome owner who enjoys travelling up and down the country on little jaunts here and there, then why not get them a good quality travel hammock?

Modern travel hammocks are durable, easy to put up, easy to maintain, and super-comfy, making them a fantastic gift option for any caravan or motorhome owner. If you buy this for a loved one, you’re providing them with the opportunity to relax and unwind in the fresh air in peace, and what could be more thoughtful than that?

The ENO Double Nest Outdoor Hammock is a great option. Not only is it pretty lightweight, and quick-drying making it easier to store and transport, but it is also very strong, being able to support up to 400 lbs in weight. It also unfolds to be 9ft 4 inches by 6 ft 2 inches, so is pretty substantial when in use.

A personalised motorhome thermos flask and mug set

There’s nothing better than filling up a thermos with a fresh pot of tea or coffee and setting off into the Great British countryside for a walk. And if you know a motorhome enthusiast who doesn’t own a thermos, then we might have found the one for you.

This Motorhome Mug and Flask Set from Etsy is a lovely gift idea that lets you show someone you care. The thermos flask can feature a customisable message of your choice and each mug can have a different person’s name printed on its side. This means you can fully personalise this set for whoever you’re buying it for, making it extra special.

And if this model isn’t your style, then you might want to choose this Camper Van Flask and Mug Set. This set allows you to choose from a list of campervan models and colours, so you might be able to buy one featuring the exact model your loved one owns.

A camping cookbook

There are few more rewarding meals than those cooked out in the wilderness eaten beneath the stars. And luckily, there are now a lot of fantastic cookbooks, filled with recipes that are designed to be prepared in this exact manner.

If you know an avid camper who also happens to be a foodie, then a camping cookbook might just be their perfect gift this Christmas.

The Sunday Times bestseller One: Pot, Pan, Planet contains over 200 simple dinners that can be cooked using just one pan. Award-winning cook Anna Jones has created these delicious vegetarian dinners that are fast and easy to make, making them ideal for preparing in the limited space of a motorhome.

Another great option is Van Life Cookbook, which is a collection of recipes designed to be prepared on a two-ring gas hob in the comfort of a campervan. This book is all about an approach to meal prep that saves time and money, whilst making the most of your immediate environment.

And finally, The Camper Van Cookbook is another fantastic gift idea this Christmas. This book features over 80 delicious recipes that you can cook on just two rings. It also features a handful of BBQ recipes and some that you can cook over the crackling flames of a campfire. This really is an excellent book for anyone who just wants to set off into the countryside, cooking for themselves along the way.

A scratch map of the UK

If someone you love is always heading off in their motorhome to far flung corners of the UK, then why not help them track where they’ve been with a scratch map? This fab little gift is a detailed map of our country with a golden outer layer that a person can scratch off with a coin.

This means they can mark where they’ve been and where they’ve yet to go. Not only will this help them track the places they’ve visited, but it may also help them decide where to go on their next adventure. There are many scratch maps out there, but this map from Etsy is a good one and also comes with the option of a wooden frame, making it nice and easy to hang up either at home or in the motorhome.

A multitool

We’ve moved back into the realm of practicality with this next suggestion, but every caravan and motorhome owner should have a good quality, versatile multitool. These tools can come in handy in so many situations that a motorhome owner may find themselves in.

This Alpinewol Camping Accessories Multitool is a great option and comes with 16 different tools, including a hammer, pliers, a saw, screwdrivers, and a bottle opener. It also has a slick stainless steel finish and a lovely wooden handle that makes it look and feel fantastic. This is a durable, high-end multitool that will always come in handy!

Travel games

If the heavens open when you’ve pitched up and you need to while away some time in the comfort of your motorhome, then it’s always a good idea to have a good selection of games on-hand. So if you’re looking for gift ideas for your motorhome owning friends this Christmas, why not buy them a fun game or two that they can play whilst travelling up and down the UK?

This beautifully presented portable backgammon game is ideal and comes with a thick cotton tote bag and carefully crafted wooden checkers and dice.

If chess is more their thing, then this handcrafted wooden chess set is perfect. The magnetic chess pieces make it ideal for use on-the-go and it also folds nicely away for easy storage.

Or if you fancy something cheap and cheerful then these campervan playing cards are ideal.

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